The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) is one of the most established units of the College of Engineering in UP Diliman with a legacy stretching 109 years since its institution in 1910. The EEEI has continually contributed to the development of the electrical, electronics and computer engineering field in the through its undergraduate and graduate program offerings, research and extension work. EEEI transitioned from a Department to an Institute in 2008 to reflect its intent to be a center of excellence in the field of electrical and electronics engineering in Asia. This vision has since been refined to express a more compelling goal to be the National Institute of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering–internationally recognized, achieving national impact and global significance. 

Investing in the development of an academic personnel complement in the Institute is a key driver to achieve the institutional outcomes that the EEEI has set forth in the domains of student academic formation, leading cutting-edge research, and innovative public service work. 

Relative to foregoing, and to align with the University’s quest for excellence in these same domains the Institute recognizes the strategic importance of supporting the development of an all-PhD faculty personnel. Establishing an academic personnel complement of this caliber will enable the EEEI to deliver world-class academic programs both in the undergraduate and graduate level; pursue high-value and high-impact research to support industry and national development; and contribute to policy-making in the national and international arena. 

Instrumental to the achievement of the goal of forming an all-PhD faculty is the creation of a comprehensive hiring, promotion, and retention policy. The proposals set forth in this document aims to communicate to prospective faculty members the value of earning a doctoral degree at the soonest time while providing a path for faculty members who already possess master’s degree credentials. 

Full text of the Hiring, Promotions and Tenure policy of the EEEI can be viewed here.

Our Faculty

Regular faculty members include the following: ProfessorsAssociate ProfessorsAssistant Professors, and Instructors.

Non-regular members of the teaching staff include the following: Lecturers, Visiting Professor, Exchange Professor, Affiliate Faculty, Adjunct Professor, Teaching Associate/Fellow.


Louis Alarcon

Microelectronics, Integrated Circuits, RF IC Design, Low-Power Processor Design

Anastacia Alvarez

Microelectronics, Computer Architecture, Digital Design and HDLs, Memory and Cache Design

Rowel Atienza

AI, Computer Vision, Robotics

Rhandley Cajote

Image Processing, Video Communications, Machine Learning

Franz De Leon

Digital Signal Processing in Communications, Audio Engineering

Maria Theresa De Leon

Analog and RF IC Design, IC Testing and Verification

Rowena Cristina Guevara

Speech, Audio and Communications Signal Processing

John Richard Hizon

RF IC Design, RISC Processors, Mixed Signal Circuits

Joel Joseph Marciano Jr.

Wireless Communications, RF and Microwave Engineering

Roel Ocampo

Computer Networks

Carl Michael Odulio

Power Electronics, Electric Motor Drives

Jordan Rel Orillaza

Power Systems, Power Quality, Electricity Market

Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa

Computer Networks, Design of Experiments, Data Analytics and Modelling

Michael Angelo Pedrasa

Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Power Electronics

Manuel Ramos Jr.

Control Systems, Nonlinear Control, Robotics, Fuzzy Systems

Marc Rosales

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits, Electronic Prototyping

Luis Sison

Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks

Marc Caesar Talampas

Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks

Lew Andrew Tria

Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicle Systems and components

Associate Professors

Isabel Austria

Computer Networks

Rowaldo Del Mundo

Power Systems, Electricity Markets and Regulation, Energy Planning

Adonis Emmanuel Tio

Power Systems

Assistant Professors

Charleston Dale Ambatali

Wireless Communications, RF and Microwave Engineering

Neil Irwin Bernardo

Wireless Communications, Information Theory, Signal Processing

Adelson Chua


Paul Jason Co

RF and Antennas, Wireless Communications

Jaybie De Guzman

Computer Networks

Dale Joshua Del Carmen

Digital Signal Processing

Crisron Rudolf Lucas

Digital Signal Processing

Christopher Santos

Microelectronics and Microprocessors

Wilbert Rey Tarnate

Power Systems

Carl Timothy Tolentino

Audio and Video Signal Processing

Adrian Vidal

Wireless Communications


Luigi Teola

Teaching Associates/Fellows

Bernalyn Decena

Carl Lester Fabian

Peter John Flores

Allan Mesa Jr.

John Cairu Ramirez

Marcus Joseph Reyes

AI, Talking Head Generation, Neural Network Compression

Miguel Aldo Valbuena


Uziel Rein Agub

Sukarno Ali

Angelina Aquino

Paul Vincent Alpano

Sherry Joy Alvionne Baquiran

Keziah Bartilad

Marvin Ralph Bautista

Izrael Zenar Bautista

Herlan Kester Benitez

Lean Lorenzo Blas

Ferdinand John Briones

Jeric Brioso

Jaime Bronozo

Paul Eugene Delfin Bundoc

Audie John Cabrera

Carlo Elpidio Capiral

Rodrigo Rafael Cruz

Rangel Daroya

Mark Brian Dastas

Harvey John De Chavez

Lady Joelle Dela Torre

Chris Vincent Densing

Raimarc Dionido

Carl Dizon

Erwin Joshua Encisa

John Jairus Eslit

Orville Felicano

Frederick Angelo Galapon

Russel Gallano

Williard Joshua Jose

Rafael Nestor Mantaring

Design for Reliability, Design for Manufacturability

Jean Marriz Manzano

Microelectromechanical Systems, Microfluidics, Organ on a Chip, Analog and Mixed Signals

Philip Martinez

Wireless Communications, Antennas, RF Circuits, ICT for Development, Humanitarian Engineering

Aurelia Mechilina

Jose Marie Mendoza

Steven Mindoro

Jose Alfonso Miras

Jan Miro Navarro

Gregorio Ortiz III

Daren Jay Quinio

Ramon Vann Cleff Raro

5G and beyond, Community Controlled Networks, Open RAN, Microwave Engineering, Radiowave Propagation, LoRa, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications

Dan Lemuel Salado

Allen Jason Tan

Arriel Ting

Ian Christopher Torres

Hearty Zarsuela