Academic organizations

UP Circuit

UP Circuit is a university-recognized, department-based academic organization for and by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) students of UP Diliman. The academic year 1993 -1994 saw the birth of the organization as the students’ response to a bigger and more dynamic EEE department. Young as it may seem, UP Circuit has established within itself what it takes to be a premier organization in the University of the Philippines. In 1998, UP Circuit initiated SqueEEEze, an intercollegiate EEE Quiz Show. The organization saw it as a way to unite fellow EEE students from all over Metro Manila in the spirit of friendly competition, and a humble contribution in advancing the field of EEE by showcasing the best and the brightest of its future proponents. As an academic organization, the organization actively helps both members and non-affiliates through review sessions, tutorials and seminars.   Indeed, in such a short span of time, UP Circuit has contributed much to the growth and enrichment of the EEE community. UP Circuit may be an organization among many, but one that is sure to leave an indelible mark in the chronicles of UP Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

UP Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG)
The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG) is a duly recognized organization based on the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute. The organization currently has active members sharing the same vision of a united EEE community with the core values of excellence and service. They actively promote the holistic development of their members, being excellent not only in academics and problem-solving skills butalso in people skills – a valuable quality of leaders. They exemplify service through various academic and social projects, further increasing the consciousness on the power of collective action in bringing positive change not only in the college but also in the country.   UP ERG also takes pride in its alumni who are now key players in the government, the academe and the industry. The organization has now evolved from being an amateur radio station way back in 1935 to a full-pledged student organization. The UP ERG family continues to grow into a dynamic community with a thrust in building a bridge between the academe and the industry through projects like Dagitab Technofair and CarEEEr Talk.
UP Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines - UP Diliman Chapter (UP IECEP)
The Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines, UP Student Chapter (UP-IECEP) is an academic, non-profit, non-political organization aimed at improving the academic performance of its members and to establish a common ground for BS ECE students in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute. The UP-IECEP has also been the link of ECE students to the IECEP National Student Chapter which fosters the communication and interaction of ECE students form different universities in the Philippines.
UP Student Association of Valuers of Energy Resources (UP Saver)
The University of the Philippines Student Association of Valuers of Energy Resources (UP SAVER) is a socio-academic group that gears towards academic excellence and balances social activities of its members with its service for the society. Back in March 29, 1995, a group of 30 young aspiring electrical engineers founded the organization. The group exists in pursuit of the following objectives: to organize activities that shall enhance the knowledge and interest of members and non-members alike in energy conservation and non-conventional energy resources, to provide a pool of concerned individuals which people may turn to for assistance in the solution of energy consumption problems and to ensure the personal and interpersonal development of its members through meaningful activities.   Being university-wide, UP SAVER is home to a healthy mix of multi-talented individuals. They too, regularly participate in several campus activities that also endorse camaraderie among different organizations in UP society and other sectors outside the academe. Annual activities include the Poster Making Contest (a competition launched last 2000 with the aim of enhancing the drawing skills of high school students and their ability to promote the conservation of energy an the use of renewable energy resources), Command and Conquer (now on its 5th year, which is the most anticipated game held every Engineering week) and some income generating projects. Power Patrol Movement, an academic project that informs elementary students about the efficient utilization of our country’s energy resources, is also included as a deed of the organization.