The Computer EngineeringElectronics Engineering, and Electrical Engineering undergraduate programs produce innovative engineers committed to serve the nation through the practice of the electrical and electronics engineering profession and its allied fields.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CoE) Program develops engineers who design and implement a broad spectrum of computing systems and components, ranging from integrated circuits, embedded systems, computer networks, and software applications.

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (BS ECE) Program, formerly the BS Electronics and Communications Engineering Program trains engineers who analyze, plan, design, measure, and operate electronic and communication devices and systems.

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BS EE) Program produces engineers who model, analyze, plan, design, measure, operate, and control electric power systems.

These three undergraduate programs work closely together to provide students a unique opportunity for cross-curricular learning from all of these areas while pursuing specific undergraduate degrees, enabling them to understand new, complex and hybrid systems, and allowing graduates to rapidly adapt to the continuously-changing technology landscape.

You may download here the UP EEEI Course Catalog, as of September 2017.

You may also download here the list of courses and descriptions (2018 BS CoE, ECE, and EE Curricula), as of August 2021.