Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MS EE) Program is ideal for those who wish to develop research and development (R&D) skills; those who wish to pursue a career in the academe; and those who eventually want to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Full-time students are expected to complete the requirements in two years and part-time students in three years.


Required Major Courses114 units
Elective Courses29 units
Thesis (EE 300)6 units
Seminar Course (EE 296)1 unit
TOTAL30 units

1. Major Subject: Any creditable graduate-level EE course offered by the EEE Institute that is relevant to the area of specialization. 

2. Elective: Any creditable graduate-level course that has been recommended for approval by the adviser and Institute graduate program committee; provided that all course prerequisites have been satisfied.

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