Internship Program FAQs

Important Reminders: 

Please read the guidelines and FAQs carefully and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

For all potential student interns (currently applying, requesting for endorsement, accepted and would like to submit requirements for internship crediting) please make sure you have filled out the and submit the necessary requirements.

To be able to request for Institute endorsement, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Internship is with a Company that has MOA with UP Diliman. List of companies available here:
  • Internship Period must follow the Mid Year Term ( 15 July to 18 August 2023 ) Note: Actual internship period may not necessarily fall within these dates but must not deviate significantly and not overlap with the current 2nd semester and the incoming 1st semester.
  • Requests for Endorsement must be submitted through this FORM. Letter request for endorsement must be signed by your Registration Adviser.
  • Template for Endorsement letter available here: 
  • Internship Coordinator for Academic Year 2022-2023:  Dr. Jordan Rel C. Orillaza

If accepted and would like to have your internship credited,

  • Pre-internship requirements must be submitted through this FORM. List of requirements available here:
  • All pre-internship requirements must be submitted before the Registration Period for the Mid Year term.

For further queries, please email AND with subject title starting with “[Internship Inquiry]”

Q1. Are internships required?
A1. No. None of the EEEI offered degrees requires an internship program. However, the faculty as an adviser or a research laboratory may require or recommend an internship as part of the supervisorship or laboratory affiliation.

Q2. How can an internship be credited as an elective?
A2. Only companies which has an existing MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) with UP Diliman can have internships credited as an elective. Also, the internship timeline of the partner company MUST align with the timeline of the elective subject which will be offered usually in the Mid Year Term.

Q3. Where can I request for the list of companies that the Institute / University has a memorandum of agreement with?
A3. You may fill-out the Interest Survey Form and choose “searching for company” to access the list of companies.

Q4. How do I apply for an internship?
A4. You may check for available internship opportunities and apply directly to the company. For partner companies requiring an endorsement, you must write an application letter and then request your adviser for an endorsement letter. Submit all application requirements to the company.

Department endorsements can only be made for applications to partner companies with valid MOA/MOU. To request, you may use also this Interest Survey Form and choose “requesting for endorsement”. Template for Endorsement letter available here:

Q5. I got accepted by a company, does that automatically enroll me in the EE/ECE/CoE 197 Internship course in the Midyear term?
A5. No. Enrollment in the internship course is optional. Again, if an existing MOA between UP and the company exists and the internship timeline aligns with the offered internship elective, you may request that you be enrolled in the internship elective course.

Q6. What do I need if I want to enroll in the Internship course?
A6. You must be senior standing, not necessarily graduating status. The minimum period of internship is 240 hours. Start by filling out the Interest Survey Form and choose “accepted for internship”. Ask the company for a Letter of Acceptance/contract, prepare Parent Consent Form, and 3 signed copies of Internship Contract / Agreement (List of requirements available here: Progress reports, evaluation forms and final report will be required to complete the course. Again, provided that (1) an effective MOA between UP and the company exists, and (2) the company’s internship timeline is aligned with the offered internship elective course.

Q7. Do I need to talk to a regular faculty member to review my progress reports and evaluation forms?
A7. Progress reports will be submitted to the internship faculty coordinator after 1/3 and 2/3 of the internship period. Final report and evaluation form will be submitted at the end of the internship.

Q8. How will the internship be conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic?
A8. As per Memorandum No. OVCAA-MTTP-OFA 23-02: Amendment of the Required LGU Approval for Off-Campus Academic Field Activities, the formerly required LGU approval for Off-Campus Academic Field Activities, in accordance with the latest Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memo, has been amended and is no longer required. However, the Faculty-in-Charge must still ensure LGU/NGO coordination if deemed necessary (such as in sites with needed DENR or Local Government coordination). You may find the LGU/NGO Coordination suggested template here (if applicable) – Screenshots of email communication indicating LGU approval are also acceptable.


Q9. Are there other requirements for the conduct of the face-to-face (F2F) internships?
A9. In line with the UP Office of Field Activities Guidelines, students who are intending to participate in F2F activities must prepare listed additional requirements, if applicable:

  1. Insurance – Only students who are not eligible for the RA 10931 Free Tuition Act must secure personal insurance coverage. Those who are eligible under the Free Tuition Act are automatically covered with insurance.
    Note: The academic units are advised to exercise due diligence in ensuring that the AFA student participants are covered by the GSIS insurance through RA 10931 Free Tuition Act by coordinating with the Office of the Scholarships and Grants (
  2. Medical Clearance – Only students with medical conditions, comorbidities, or maintenance medication must secure medical clearance/s before joining any AFA. This is a certificate from the University Health Service (UHS) or any medical institution that indicates that the student is mentally and physically fit to join the Field Activity.
  3. LGU/NGO Coordination – Student must provide company contact person and LGU of the office where they will have their F2F internship. The Faculty-in-Charge must then ensure LGU/NGO coordination if deemed necessary (such as in sites with needed DENR or Local Government coordination). LGU/NGO Coordination suggested template here (if applicable) –

For more information on the UPD Office of Field Activities Guidelines, please visit this LINK.

Figure 1. COE/ECE/EE 197 Internship Flowchart

[FOR COMPANIES] How to become a Host Training Establishment (HTE) for Internships?

Step 0. Must have a Memorandum of Agreement with UP College of Engineering

This must be coordinated with the College Committee on International Linkages (COIL) and the Office of the Deputy Director for Students and Alumni. 

  • Company requests a meeting with the Office of the Deputy Director for Students and Alumni ( / and COIL, to introduce the company, its internship program, and potential collaboration with the Institute. 
  • Once okay to proceed after the meeting, COIL coordinates with the company for the requirements, Supervisor-in-charge details, and the draft MoA. Due to the legal review process of both parties, it is recommended to initiate this at least 1 semester before the target internship period.
  • COIL informs the company once MoA has been approved and finalized

Step 1. Internship Proper

HTE prepares the following documents and reports during the internship period.

Pre-internshipDuring InternshipPost-internship
  • Issue letter of acceptance to the student
  • Draft internship plan
  • Internship contract*
  • Internship Orientation
  • To sign two (2) Progress reports* from students (⅓ and ⅔ of the internship)
  • To submit Mid-term and Final Evaluation* of student interns (template to be sent by faculty-in-charge)
  • Issue Certificate of Completion to the intern

*Internship Contract – template available from EEEI (reaffirms the duties specified in the MoA). This may also originate from the company but must at least include:

              1. the overall description or overview of the internship, 
              2. the period covered, 
              3. the allowance, and
              4. the internship work plan or schedule of activities

*Progress Reports and Mid-term/Final Evaluation Report  – template available from EEEI

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Last update: 26 June 2023