1. Connect to the EEEI network using VPN.
  2. Map the license folder on your computer by mounting the network drive \\\TINA using the credentials:

    Username: student
    Password: student@TINA

    Refer to the following guides for your respective operating system:
  1. After mounting the license folder, install TINA. The installation files are located in the Installer folder of the network drive. Note:  installation setup will take a while to load.

    Choose “Network license (installed on local PCs)” option when prompted.

  2. Start TINA (In Windows, Run as administrator ) and select the license folder for the license.key file 
    • If not asked for the license.key file, edit the license.ini file located in the Local Installation (e.g. Program Files in Windows) folder. The ini file contains the path to the license.key

      In Windows, open a Notepad (Run as administrator). Open C:\Program Files\DesignSoft\Tina 12 – Educational\license.ini
      Edit the KeyPath to KeyPath=\\\TINA\license.key

    • If you start the program again, no authorization is required. Just make sure that you are connected to the EEEI network using VPN.

Installers: tar.gz | exe | library

Manuals: TINA