BS Electronics Engineering

Formerly BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

The B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE) Program, now the BS Electronics Engineering Program (BS ECE) was formally instituted in 1994. Prior to this, students under the BS Electrical Engineering (BS EE) program took specialty courses on electronics and communication. The institution of the BS ECE program allowed for more specialty courses to be offered to students and enabled more specialized areas in the Department of Electrical Engineering (now the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute) to be established. A significant number of foundational courses in the BS ECE program were still shared with the BS EE program.

To reflect the expansive nature and scope of the Electronics Engineering practice, the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute faculty deemed it necessary to change the degree program name from BS Electronics and Communications Engineering to BS Electronics Engineering. This revision is also consistent with Republic Act (RA) 9292, otherwise known as the “New Electronics Engineering Law of 2004.” R.A. No. 9292 that provides a more responsive and comprehensive regulation for the registration, licensing and practice of professional electronics engineers, electronics engineers and electronics technicians, repealing Republic Act No. 5734, otherwise known as the “Electronics and communications engineering act of the Philippines”, and for other purposes. The acronym BS ECE is retained. This is in consonance with Section 3(c), Article I of R.A. No. 9292 stating that the letters “ECE” is affixed to duly registered/licensed Electronics Engineers.

The proposed change in the BS ECE Program Name is done alongside the proposed curricular changes to the Electronics and Communications Engineering curriculum for the Academic Year 2018-2019. This curricular revision paved the way for a four-year program which supports different tracks including communications, microelectronics, power electronics, biomedical engineering, instrumentation and control, and information and computing technologies.

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