eduroam for iOS

Follow the steps below to manually connect to eduroam network. You may also download the instructions here.

Note: eduroam login requires your complete email address,, and your password regardless of the type of device or its operating system.

I) Install eduroam-eeei Wireless Network Profile

  • Download the eduroam profile – eduroam-eeei.mobileconfig
  • If Profile Downloaded is not shown in your settings, go to Settings > Profile Downloaded or Settings > General > VPN & Device Management

  • Select eduroam on Downloaded Profile
  • Click Install to install the profile

  • Click Install 
  • On username, enter your EEE account. (e.g.

  • Enter your EEE account password.
  • Click Done. The profile should be added to your list of profiles.

II) Connect to eduroam network

  • Under Wi-Fi, select eduroam.
  • Enter your EEE account username and password when prompted. You should be connected once authentication succeeds.


For any concerns regarding eduroam, please email