eduroam for Android

Follow the steps below to manually connect to eduroam network. You may also download the instructions here.

Note: Eduroam login requires your complete email address,, and your password regardless of the type of device or its operating system. Images may differ from your local environment, but the process is the same.

I.) Install EEEI-CA.

  • Download the certificate EEEI-CA.
  • Locate Certificate Installation from the Settings. It usually resides under Security & Location settings.


  • Select Install from storage and locate EEEI-CA.der


II) Connect to eduroam network

  • Under Wi-Fi, select eduroam.


  • Choose TTLS as the EAP Method

  • Choose PAP as the Phase 2 Authentication.

  • Input your EEE eduroam username in the Identity field.

  • Use when asked for a domain.

  • Input your password and press Join


For any concerns regarding eduroam, please email