Position: Associate Professor
Laboratory Affiliation: Microelectronics and Microprocessors Laboratory
Room: 409
Telephone Number: +63-2-9818500 loc 3380
Email: louis.alarcon@eee.upd.edu.ph
Research Interests: Microelectronics; Integrated Circuits; RF IC Design; Low-Power Processor Design
Educational Background:
PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California Berkeley, 2010
Personal Homepage:
UP MicroLab Faculty Page

Research Interest/Activities:
I am the current head of the UP EEEI Microelectronics Laboratory, and we are currently working on developing next generation sensor networks, covering key technologies, including (1) low energy and low voltage integrated circuit (IC) design, (2) integrated and discrete energy harvesting for resilient, large-scale, and zero-maintenance sensor nodes and networks, and (3) scalable and intelligent frameworks for distributed sensor and network data processing.

I am supervising the following projects: (1) The SmartWire Project, funded by DOST-PCIEERD, (2) The RESE2NSE Project, in collaboration with UC Berkeley, and funded by CHED-PCARI. In addition to government funding, the Microelectronics Laboratory is also supported by our industry partner, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI).

I am currently looking for new graduate students interested in joining our research group, specifically in the areas of (1) IC design (analog, digital, mixed-signal, and RF), (2) machine learning and artificial intelligence, (3) advanced embedded sensor systems, (4) energy harvesting and storage for sensor nodes, and (5) low-energy long-range and short-range communication systems for sensor nodes.
Recent Publication/s:
A. Chua, R. J. Maestro, J. C. Jardin, K. Monisit, R. Nuestro, K.B. Fabay, B. R. Pelayo, W. V. Lofamia, J. R. Ortiz, J. A. Madamba, L. Alarcón, “Smart-Wire: A 0.5V 44uW 0C to 100C power-line energy harvesting sensor node”, Proc. 2017 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), 1-3 May 2017. Austin, Texas.
Bacquiran,A., Hizon, J.R., Alarcon, L. (2016). “PVT-aware digital techniques for a power line energy-harvesting sensor node”, Proc. ISCAS 2016, May 22-26, 2016, Montreal, Canada.
Alea, M.D., Hizon, J.R., Alarcon, L. (2016). “Analysis on the error contribution of various leakages to an ultra-low power voltage reference for WSNs”, Proc. TENSYMP 2016, May 2016.
Alea, M.D., Alarcon, L., Hizon, J.R. (2016), “A modified class of Seok ultra-low power voltage references for wireless sensor nodes,” Proc. TENCON 2015 – 2015 IEEE Region 10 Conference , vol., no., pp.1-4, 1-4 Nov. 2015, Macau.
Panes, A.M., Cabanlong, J.F., Inocencio, D.C., Lodronio, C.L., Hizon, J.R., Alarcon, L. (2015). “An energy efficient 2.4GHz OOK RF transceiver implemented in a 65nm CMOS process,” Proc. TENCON 2015 – 2015 IEEE Region 10 Conference , vol., no., pp.1-6, 1-4 Nov. 2015, Macau.