Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Instructional Laboratories

The Institute has 13 instructional laboratories, where students are trained on basic usage and handling of computers, equipment, and electronic components. Through these laboratories, students are equipped with practical skills that complement the theoretical concepts learned in class.

  • Alexan Electronics Laboratory (A Lab, Rm305)
  • Basic Electronics Laboratory (B Lab, Rm301)
  • C Laboratory (Rm310)
  • Electric Machines Instructional Laboratory (EML, Rm127)
  • Electricity Markets Instructional Laboratory (EMIL, Rm.429)
  • Electronics Laboratory (E Lab, Rm126)
  • Electric Power Instructional Laboratory (EPIL, Rm428)
  • Network Simulation and Training Laboratory (soon-to-be "UP-Samsung Lab," Rm204)
  • Power Electronics Instructional Laboratory (PEIL, Rm228)
  • Power Systems Simulations Instructional Laboratory (PSSIL, Rm329)
  • Robotics Automation Instructional Laboratory (RAIL, Rm323)
  • SAL Training Center (STC, Rm308)
  • UP-Nokia Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory (Rm227)