Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Revitalized General Education Program

The Revitalized General Education Program (RGEP) was established in the University of the Philippines by the Board of Regents in 2001 and covers students from Batch 2002 onwards. Dr. Francisco Nemenzo Jr., who became UP president in 1999, committed his administration to "develop the student's breadth and depth of wisdom...thus [it is] imperative to restore the liberal arts as the foundation of the undergraduate curriculum hence, the revitalization of the GE program." RGEP is a general education program that has a semi-structured approach (choice as against prescription) with common goals andlearner-customized content. In other words, the students are given the option of choosing their GE courses. The principle is, if the University is to inspire the students to learn, then they are likely to perform better in courses which they chose rather than in courses that they have no interest in but are required to take.

With the RGEP, a student selects the general education courses he wants within the three identified domains of knowledge:

  • Arts and Humanities (AH)
  • Social Sciences and Philosophy (SSP)
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST)

For EEE students, the following rules about RGEP are observed:

  1. 13 courses (for a total of 39 units) are required under RGEP. Breakdown of RGEP requirement per domain is listed below:
    • Arts & Humanities (AH) - 5 courses
    • Social Sciences & Philosophy (SSP) - 5 courses
    • Math, Science & Technology (MST) - 3 courses
    • Philippine Studies (PS) - 2 courses creditable from any of the courses taken in AH, SSP or MST
  2. In the Arts & Humanities domain, a minimum of nine units of communication courses in English are recommended. Students are highly discouraged from taking Kom 1, Kom 2 and Kom 3. This is to insure that the English communication skills of the students are fully-developed to prepare them for their future work.
  3. Chem 1, Math 1, Math 2, Physics 10 and Nat Sci 1 are not allowed for EEE students. This is because EEE students already have higher Math, Chemistry and Physics subjects as part of their curriculum. Also, the College of Science does not allow students to enroll in Bio 1 or Geol 1 if the student has finished Nat Sci 2 and vice versa. Nat Sci 2 is made up of the basics of Biology and Geology, which is also discussed in Bio 1 and Geol 1.

For more information, visit the RGEP Website.