Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Wireless Communications Engineering Laboratory

The Wireless Communications Engineering Laboratory (WCEL) is a research and instructional facility engaged in the design, integration, analysis, and testing of wireless communication devices, circuits, and systems. It is equipped with state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) and microwave test equipment and simulation software, digital microwave radios, antennas, and RF amplifiers for use in various applications such as rural connectivity, emergency response, and public safety.

Sample researches under WCEL are as follows:

  • A simulation study of a Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) cable with non-standard cross-sectionTransmission Window Optimization for Caching-based Transport Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (Presented on TENCON 2014 – 2014 IEEE Region 10 Conference, pp. 1-6, Bangkok, Thailand, Oct. 22-25, 2014)
  • Design considerations for X-band Class J power amplifiers (Presented on Wireless Technology and Applications (ISWTA), 2014 IEEE Symposium on, pp. 13-18, Kota Kinabalu,Malaysia, Sept. 28 2014-Oct. 1 2014)
  • An empirical study on the performance of a spectrum sensing scheme for cognitive radio (Won Best Student Paper on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC), 2014 International Symposium on, pp. 474-479, Sydney, Australia, Sept. 7-10 2014)


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