Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Graduate Programs Residence Rules

One-Year Residence before Graduation

The student must be officially enrolled in residence at least one (1) academic year prior to the conferment of the Masters/Doctoral degree.


Regular Period for Completion

The time limit for the completion of all masters/doctoral degree requirements shall be five (5) years.The counting of the period of residence shall start from the student’s first enrollment in a graduate course after admission into the masters/doctoral program and shall include all leaves of absence from the program. The regular period for completion for a graduate student transferring from another university shall be reduced by one (1) semester.

If there are courses taken by the student prior to his admission to the program and credited to his course requirements, then the allowed period of completion will be reduced by a number of semesters equivalent to one semester for every nine (9) units of courses credited to his program.


Extension of Residence

In meritorious cases, extensions of residence beyond the above regular period of completion may be approved by the Dean/Director upon the recommendation of the appropriate bodies. This extension shall be for a period not exceeding one (1) calendar year at a time. In no case shall the extensions exceed more than five (5) years. The student granted an extension shall take additional units of graduate courses in his/her discipline or area at a rate of three (3) units for every two (2) years of extension or a fraction thereof.


Non-Compliance with Maximum Residence Rules (MRR)

Any student who fails to complete all requirements of the degree within the regular period and any approved extension thereof shall be disqualified from the masters/doctoral program.


Leave of Absence (LOA)/ Absence without Leave (AWOL)

A student who goes on leave of absence (LOA)/absence without leave (AWOL) from a Master’s program shall seek readmission into the program from the Dean/Director, through channels.


Transfer from One Masters/Doctoral Option to Another

Any student in the masters/doctoral program may be allowed to transfer to another masters/doctoral option, subject to the approval of the Dean/Director, through channels.