Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Power and Energy

The program in Electric Power aims to advance and apply scientific and engineering knowledge associated with the generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, and control of electric energy. Students in this program can choose from courses on power system analysis, electric drive systems, new and renewable energy systems, and computer applications to power systems. Research thrusts in electric power systems include:

  • optimization and economic operation,
  • dynamics and control,
  • protection and reliability evaluation,
  • electrical transients,
  • power quality, and
  • operation and planning in a competitive power industry.

Research also focuses on the design, analysis, modeling, and control of electrical machines, converters, electric drive systems; and in new and renewable energy systems include wind, mini-hydro, fuel cell, and solar energy systems.


Download suggested plan of study under Power and Energy Option here.