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EEEI Professorial Chair Awards Colloquium 2020 Schedule

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute is pleased to present the roster of talks lined up for the Professorial Chair Awards Colloquium for 2020. These talks will be livestreamed over the EEEI Facebook Page and will be uploaded to the EEEI YouTube Channel afterwards.

Professorial Chair Awards Colloquium Schedule for Monday, November 16, 2020

Time Awardee Professorial Chair Research Paper Titles
2:00pm to 2:10pm   [Introductory Remarks]  
2:10pm to 2:25pm Nicolette Ann Arriola Jose Ma. Diago De Castro Professorial Chair Development of a 3D Printed Quadrupedal Robot with Distributed Joint Control
2:25pm to 2:40pm Carl Michael Odulio Daniel Chan D. Reyes Professorial Chair in Engineering Reconfigurable Fast Charger System for Lithium-Ion Batteries
2:40pm to 2:55pm Allan Nerves Manuel V. Pangilinan Professorial Chair Probabilistic Optimal Generation Dispatch Under Uncertainty in Wind Generation and Load
2:55pm to 3:10pm Jordan Rel Orillaza Power Contractors Professorial Chair Analytical Modelling of Power Swing and Validation Using Real Time Digital Simulator
3:10pm to 3:25pm Michael Angelo Pedrasa Meralco Professorial Chair Economic Evaluation of PV Generation Curtailment and Voltage Regulation Investment in Distribution Networks with High PV Penetration
3:25pm to 3:40pm Lew Andrew Tria Vergara Power Systems Engineering Professorial Chair Evaluation of a Modular Stator, Segmented Rotor Switched Reluctance Motor
3:40pm to 3:55pm Christian Angelo Yap Quezon Power Philippines Professorial Chair A Study on the Effects of Satisfaction on Interruptible Load Scheduling

Professorial Chair Awards Colloquium Schedule for Monday, November 09, 2020

Time Awardee Professorial Chair Research Paper Titles
02:00pm to 02:10pm [Preliminaries] [Preliminaries]  [Preliminaries]
02:10pm to 02:25pm


Dado and Maria Banatao Institute Professorial Chair Award Regularization by Mutual Information Maximization
02:25pm to 02:40pm


Globe Telecom Inc. Professorial Chair in ECE

Leak Detection in Water Distribution Networks via Pressure Analysis Using a Machine Learning Ensemble

02:40pm to 02:55pm 


Edison Coseteng Professorial Chair in Electrical Engineering

Voice Conversion of Philippine Spoken Languages using Deep Neural Networks

02:55pm to 03:10pm


Concepcion Hidalgo Sandoval Memorial Foundation Professorial Chair

Speech Tracking Algorithms for an Automated Reading Tutor in Filipino

03:10pm to 03:25pm


Dona Maria Co Chiao Ti Lim EE Centennial Professorial Chair

Reducing Pulse Rate Variability Computational Error from a 30 Hz Photoplethysmography Recording
03:25pm to 03:40pm WILBERT JETHRO LIMJOCO Dean Francisco L. Viray Professorial Chair LARSS: A Rider Scoring System to Mitigate Fraud in TNVS
03:40pm to 03:55pm ISABEL MONTES-AUSTRIA  Jose P. Segovia Professorial Chair Design of an IoT-based Monitoring System using 6LoWPAN and Controller Area Network for an Indoor Smart Hydroponics Farm
03:55pm to 04:10pm NESTOR MICHAEL TIGLAO Edgar & Agnes Paynor EE Centennial Professorial Chair TCP incast solutions in data center networks: A classification and survey
04:10pm to 04:25pm LUIS SISON V&L Aesquivel Professorial Chair in Engineering Flipped Classroom Approach for Innovation and Other Engineering Classes for Remote Learning

Professorial Chair Awards Colloquium Schedule for October 26, 2020. 

Time Awardee Professorial Chair Research Paper Titles
09:00 am to 09:10am Preliminaries    
09:10am to 09:25am Louis Alarcon Analog Devices, Inc. Professorial Chair Gate Current Cancellation using a Replica PMOS and Digital Feedback for Temperature-coefficient Reduction on an Ultra-low Power Voltage Reference
09:25am to 09:40am Anastacia Alvarez MacArthur delos Reyes Engineering Centennial Professorial Chair in EE Performance Analysis of Hyperdimensional Computing for Character Recognition
09:40am to 09:55am John Richard Hizon GE Phils. Meter & Instrument Co. Professorial Chair An SDR based WSN Testbed for RF Front End Simulation and Experimentation
09:55am to 10:10am Maria Theresa De Leon Hilary De Leon Professorial Chair Design and Implementation of a Self-starting Thermal Energy Harvester with Resonant Startup and Maximum Power Point Tracking Capabilities for Wireless Sensor Nodes
10:10am to 10:25am Marc Rosales Manuel M. Lopez UP Centennial Professorial Chair Implementation of 6LoWPAN and Controller Area Network for a Smart Hydroponics System.
10:25am to 10:40am Marc Caesar Talampas Mantaring-Gervasio Professorial Chair Hybrid LoRaWAN Localization using Ensemble Learning
10:40am to 10:55am Charleston Dale Ambatali Alexan Professorial Chair Design and Implementation of a Low Cost Amateur Radio Unit for Cube Satellites
10:55am to 11:10am Adrian Vidal PLDT-SMART Professorial Chair Low-Latency LDPC Decoder using Non-Uniformly Quantized Channel Outputs
11:10am to 11:25am Paul Jason Co Nippon Telephone and Telegram Professorial Chair Space Science and Technology Proliferation in the Philippines through Nationwide University Partnerships


Awardee Professorial Chair Research Paper Titles
02:00pm to 02:10pm [Preliminaries] [Preliminaries]  [Preliminaries]