Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

EEEI Director's Message to Students

To the students of the UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute: 

I hope that you and your family are in good health and safe during these difficult times. Trust that our collective situation will get better and that we will learn to adjust and adapt to the new normal.

I am sending this message to let you know the steps that the Institute is taking to help you in your academic growth amidst the situation. The EEE faculty are continuously coordinating with each other to plan for the completion of the current semester, and to prepare for the midyear and succeeding semesters. We are continuously adjusting our plans in light of the successive instructions that we receive from the UP administration.

 I would like you to know what we are doing:

  • We have reached out to all EEE teachers and asked them to update us of their current circumstances and ask them on their willingness and their capability to conduct remote learning activities with their students.
  • We have instructed the teachers handling common courses to meet with each other to plan for their courses. In particular, we asked them:
    • how they will prepare their students who will be taking the subsequent courses if the course they are handling have topics that are prerequisite to the subsequent courses;
    • how they will distribute these bridging/learning materials to the students; o if they will conduct further assessment and how will they conduct these assessments; o to consider the access of the students to learning tools as they distribute learning materials and conduct their assessments; and
    • to consider the personal circumstances of their students that may hinder them from participating even if they have access to the learning tools.

 The EEE administration will feedback to the plans proposed by the teachers in terms of the mode of delivery, and the quantity and timeliness of course requirements. Your teachers will get in touch with you on or before May 1, 2020.

  • The EEE Faculty held a meeting earlier this week to formulate a position in response to the BORapproved policy that numeric grades are to be issued this semester. The position of the Institute is to issue a grade of PASS or DRP for all EEE classes this semester. In light of the recent memo from President Concepcion, the Institute will seek an exemption from issuing numeric grades.
  • We have already formulated a policy for the completion of undergraduate projects (EE/ECE/CoE198). We will publish the general guidelines as soon as UP Diliman releases its timeline for graduating students. Your advisers and/or 198 handlers will get in touch with you once these are finalized.  
  • We have also drafted an internal policy on how to conduct thesis proposals and defense, and comprehensive examinations for graduate students. However, there is an upcoming College meeting to decide and finalize these policies. We will publish the guidelines as soon as those are finalized and approved. In the meantime, those will go through these assessments may get in touch with their advisers or the EEE graduate program coordinator, Dr. Maria Theresa de Leon, for further guidance.
  • We have set up a procedure so students can raise their grievances regarding the handling of their course or course requirements to the EEE administration. If you have complaints on the course requirements, please directly contact your teachers. Alternatively, you can send an email to Dr. Lew Andrew Tria (ddsa@eee.upd.edu.ph), our Deputy Director for Students and Alumni.  

 I would like to assure you that the EEE teachers are putting high regard to the feedback that we received from you as we formulate our plans and make our decisions. We have considered the data from the survey that the Institute rolled out at the start of the enhanced community quarantine. On top of that, we are considering the results from the survey ran by the EEE representatives and the College of Engineering. I would like to assure you that we are finding ways to deliver the quality of education you deserve while being mindful of the varying impacts of the pandemic to everyone.

We are also planning to conduct a town hall meeting or a faculty-student dialogue. The faculty agreed to have this after May 1. We are doing this so we can have real-time interaction with you, kamustahan lang, and also to answer some of your concerns. Miss na rin namin kayo. Please wait for further instructions.

Lastly, do not hesitate to get in touch with the EEE administration and your teachers if you have any concerns.  

Stay safe and healthy, and stay at home.  

Michael Angelo A. Pedrasa
Director, EEE Institute
UP Diliman