Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

For Admission to Remote Offering - ME EE (UP Los Baños and UP Cebu)


(Pending official University approval)


(Posted Friday, June 24, 2016) The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute of the University of the Philippines Diliman plans to offer its Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (MEEE) Program as an offshore program at the UP Los Banos and UP Cebu campuses, in partnership with the UP Los Banos Department of Electrical Engineering and the UP Cebu Department of Computer Science, respectively. With these two offerings we hope to provide access to engineers, faculty members, practitioners and new graduates in these areas to the same graduate program currently offered by the Institute at the UP Diliman campus.

The following specializations will be offered: 

  • Power systems, power electronics, computing and communications for the UP Los Banos offering, and
  • Computing and communications, for the UP Cebu offering

The program of study for each offering may soon be viewed by clicking on the respective specialization mentioned above. Please note that the course line-up and course schedules are subject to change. Since students will be officially admitted into the National Graduate School of Engineering of UP Diliman, they may also take any other valid EEE Institute graduate courses offered in Diliman (if they are able to travel to Diliman), subject to the approval of their program adviser or the EEE Graduate Program Coordinator.

Courses will be taught in blended mode, mixing classroom work and face-to-face interaction with Diliman instructors on-site in Los Baños and Cebu, alternating with remote interactive lectures and consultations originating from the Diliman campus. Classes will typically be held in the evening on weekdays and/or during the day on Saturdays.

We intend to start these program offerings (subject to official University approval, which is pending) with an initial intake of students in time for the coming August 2016 semester.  In view of this, we are inviting serious applicants to start their application through an online process to be described below.

1. Since approval of these offshore offerings is still pending, we cannot provide any guarantee that these will start in August 2016 as originally scheduled, or in any other subsequent semester for that matter.
2. Applicants need to have or create a valid Gmail account. They also need three referees (with valid email addresses) willing to fill up recommendation forms in support of the application. Applicants must secure their consent in advance to serve as referees.
3. Applicants should skip any step that pertains to the payment of the application fee, including the submission (online and hardcopy) of the application fee receipt. Payment will be collected AFTER the offerings have been approved. Applicants will be notified later on the schedule and mechanics of the payment of the application fee.

To start the application process, please follow this link (Please note that this is for interested applicants for admission to remote ME EE offering in UP Cebu and UP Los Baños): By clicking the link, I understand and accept the terms and conditions mentioned above.