Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Working at EEE


Current administrative staff positions of the Institute include: Administrative Officer, Precision Instrument Technician, Laboratory TechnicianData Encoder and Machine Operator.


Regular faculty members include the following: Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Instructors.


Non-regular members of the teaching staff include the following: Lecturers, Visiting Professor, Exchange Professor, Affiliate Faculty, Adjunct Professor, Teaching Associate/Fellow.


The lecturer designation is given to a non-regular member of the teaching staff who is on a temporary status and paid on an hourly basis.

Visiting Professor

The visiting professor designation is given to a faculty member of another academic institution who will teach in the University.  The terms of appointment will depend on the memorandum of agreement executed by the University with the home institution of the professor concerned.

Teaching Associate/Fellow

The designation teaching associate/fellow is given to a master’s/doctoral student of the department who is assigned to teach undergraduate courses in the Institute.  Appointment of teaching associate/fellow is on a yearly contractual basis to teach part-time.  In return, he/she shall be given full-time graduate study privileges.


The Department Academic Personnel Committee (DAPC), upon recommendation from the faculty, administers recruitment of academic personnel.  Academic personnel are hired by invitation, after going through a teaching demonstration and a panel interview.

Requirements for the faculty position include at least an MS degree in any of the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  For Teaching Associates, at least a BS degree and good scholastic standing is required. Teaching ability, service record, academic records and industry background are also examined before hiring personnel.  Aside from personal qualifications, hiring of academic personnel will depend on the need of the department (i.e., fields lacking faculty) and the availability of items.

Teaching associates are promoted to Instructor 7 upon completion of their MS degree.  Recommendation for automatic promotion of faculty members, upon completion of their Ph.D., is done according the rules indicated in the faculty manual.  Other faculty members are recommended for promotion based on merit.  Point system for the promotion is based on 40% teaching, 40% creative work, research and professional advancement, 20% service to university and community computation.

Tenure does not necessarily come with promotion. The minimum requirement for tenure is an MS degree in any of the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a refereed publication.