Position: Professor
Laboratory Affiliation: Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory
Room: 210
Telephone Number: +63-2-9818500 ext 3320
Research Interests: Computer Network Architecture and Programming; IP QoS; Web-based Development
Educational Background:
PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technical University of London, 2013
Personal Homepage:

Research Interest/Activities: I am interested in the broads fields of ubiquitous computing and wireless networks. Currently, I’m exploring Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks. In addition to technology research and development, I’m also keen on producing products and services that have commercial value.
Recent Publication/s:
Journal Articles/Book Chapters:
Melchizedek Alipio, Nestor Michael Tiglao, Antonio Grilo, Fawaz Bokhari, Umair Chaudhry, Shavez Qureshi, Cache-based transport protocols in wireless sensor networks: A survey and future directions, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Volume 88, 15 June 2017, Pages 29-49, ISSN 1084-8045,
Tiglao, Nestor Michael C., and António M. Grilo. “Transmission Window Optimization for Caching-Based Transport Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks.” In Wireless Internet, pp. 39-46. Springer International Publishing, 2015.
​Tiglao, Nestor Michael C. and António M. Grilo. “Caching Based Transport Optimization for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks.” IJARAS 5.1 (2014): 30-48. Web. 15 Aug. 2014.
Conference Papers:
Iderlina Mateo-Babiano, Nestor Michael C. Tiglao, Miguel Mercado, Miguel David Laperal, Get on your UP bikeshare bikes: how can universities support sustainable mobility cultures?, World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) 2017, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, July 3-6, 2017. (Accepted)
Melchizedek I. Alipio, Nestor Michael C. Tiglao, Towards A Taxonomy of Cache-based Transport Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS 2017), 13-15 March 2017, Glassboro, New Jersey, USA.