Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

FAQs - Internship Program

Q1. How do I apply for internship?

A1. Write an application letter, ask Deputy Director for Students and Alumni/Adviser for an endorsement letter, submit all requirements to company.



Q2. I got accepted, does that automatically enroll me in the EEE 197 Internship course in the Midyear term?

A2. No. Enrollment in the internship course is optional.



Q3. What do I need if I want to enroll in the Internship course?

A3. You must be senior standing, not necessarily graduating status. The minimum period of internship is 240 hours. Ask company for a letter of acceptance/contract, prepare Training Permission Form and 3 copies of Work Plan (available from DDSA Office). Progress reports, evaluation forms and final report will be required to complete the course.



Q4. Do I need to talk to a regular faculty member to review my progress reports and evaluation forms?

A4. Progress reports will be submitted to the handler after 1/3 and 2/3 of the internship period. Final report and evaluation form will be submitted at the end of the internship.