Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

FAQs - Internship Program

Q1. Are internships required?

A1. No. None of the EEEI offered degrees requires an internship program. However, the faculty as an adviser or a research laboratory may require or recommend an internship as part of the supervisorship or laboratory affiliation.


Q2. How can an internship be credited as an elective?

A2. Only companies with which UP Diliman has an existing MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) can have internships credited as an elective. Also, the internship timeline of the partner company MUST align with the timeline of the elective subject which will be offered usually in the mid year term. 


Q3. Where can I request for the list of companies that the Institute / University has a memorandum of agreement with?

A3. You may send your request for the list of companies via email to saro@eee.upd.edu.ph


Q4. How do I apply for an internship?

A4. You may apply directly to the company or request for an endorsement. Write an application letter, ask the Deputy Director for Students and Alumni/ or your adviser for an endorsement letter, submit all requirements to the company. Institute endorsements can only be made for credited internships with partner companies; even if a MoA exists, the institute cannot endorse if the internship timeline won’t align with the elective offering, and, hence, cannot be credited.


Q5. I got accepted by a company, does that automatically enroll me in the EE/ECE/CoE 197 Internship course in the Midyear term?

A5. No. Enrollment in the internship course is optional. Again, if an existing MoA between UP and the company exists and the internship timeline aligns with the offered internship elective, you may request that you be enrolled in the internship elective course.


Q6. What do I need if I want to enroll in the Internship course?

A6. You must be senior standing, not necessarily graduating status. The minimum period of internship is 240 hours. Ask the company for a Letter of Acceptance/contract, prepare Parent Consent Form, and 3 signed copies of Internship Contract / Agreement (available from DDSA Office; in light of the pandemic, e-copies are acceptable). Progress reports, evaluation forms and final report will be required to complete the course. Again, provided that a) an effective MoA between UP and the company exists, and b) the company’s internship timeline is aligned with the offered internship elective course. 


Q7. Do I need to talk to a regular faculty member to review my progress reports and evaluation forms?

A7. Progress reports will be submitted to the internship faculty coordinator after 1/3 and 2/3 of the internship period. Final report and evaluation form will be submitted at the end of the internship.


Q8. How will the internship be conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A8. University guidelines recommend that all internship activities should be conducted on a work-from-home basis for the majority  of the duration of the internship.


Figure 1. COE/ECE/EE 197 Internship Flowchart

COE/ECE/EE 197 Internship Flowchart


For more information:


ddsa@eee.upd.edu.ph / saro@eee.upd.edu.ph


Last update: June 16, 2021