Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Permanent Disqualification

  1. Any student who, at the end of the semester, obtains final grades below 3 in 100% of the academic units in which he is given final grades shall be permanently barred from readmission to any college of the University.
  2. Any student who was dropped in accordance with the rules on Dismissal and again fails so that it becomes necessary again to drop him, shall not be eligible for readmission to any college of the University.
  3. Permanent disqualification does not apply to cases where, on the recommendation of the instructors concerned, the faculty certifies that the grades of 5 were due to the student’s unauthorized dropping of the subjects and not to poor scholarship. However, if the unauthorized withdrawal takes place after the mid-semester and the student’s class standing is poor, his grades of 5 shall be counted against him for the purpose of this scholarship rule.

The Dean shall deal with these cases on their individual merits in the light of the recommendations of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs; Provided, that in no case of readmission to the same or another college shall the action be lighter than probation.

A grade of INC is not to be included in the computation. When it is replaced by a final grade, the latter is to be included in the grades during the semester when the removal is made. Required courses in which a student has failed shall take precedence over other courses in his succeeding enrollment.